About Eric


I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Appalachian State University with a major in Communication – Journalism and a minor in Political Science in 2018. I received a departmental award for graduating at the top of my major’s class.


I am the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Elections Daily, a nonpartisan international news website that focuses on elections and election mapping. I copyedit all articles and promote them on social media, in addition to contributing articles of my own. I am also the host of The Map Room, a data-oriented political commentary show on Old Bull TV.

I was an Opinion Writer at The Appalachian from August 2017 to March 2018, and my articles have also been published in The Federalist and Ordinary Times.

Digital Marketing

I currently work as Digital Producer at Full Metal Chicken, working a broad role in digital marketing that spans multiple clients and encompasses social media management, email marketing, and digital asset management (DAM). I also freelance for Fresh Robot, using my extensive experience on Wikipedia to produce high-quality, encyclopedic Wikipedia articles.

I was Marketing Coordinator at Tellabs, a tech company specializing in Passive Optical LAN and broadband technology, from 2016 to 2018; in this role I controlled their e-mail and social media output, produced and copyedited blog posts, and copyedited news releases and case studies. I oversaw a 3x increase in impressions and a 5x increase in link clicks and engagements from 2016 to 2017.

Wikipedia Editing

I have 10+ years of broad-range editing experience, a strong knowledge of Wikipedia policy and procedure, and experience writing in a variety of topic areas. My work includes 60+ peer reviewed “good” and “featured” articles, three peer-reviewed articles that receive over a million views each year, and three paid articles for businesses confirmed through Articles for Creation.

I focus on white-hat, policy-compliant editing to ensure a maximum success rate in getting articles and content through Wikipedia’s bureaucracy.

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I can be contacted for business inquiries at dericcunningham@icloud.com.