About Eric


I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Appalachian State University with a major in Communication – Journalism and a minor in Political Science in 2018. I received a departmental award for graduating at the top of my major’s class.


I am the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Elections Daily, a nonpartisan international news website that focuses on elections and election mapping. I guided the site from its inception, have copyedited all articles, have written dozens of articles, and handle all social media work. One of the largest election forecasters, we have over 17k Twitter followers and one million siteviews.

I was an Opinion Writer at The Appalachian from August 2017 to March 2018, and my articles have also been published in The Federalist and Ordinary Times.

Digital Marketing

I currently work as Digital Producer at Full Metal Chicken, working a broad role in digital marketing that spans multiple clients and encompasses social media management, email marketing, and digital asset management (DAM). I also freelance for Fresh Robot, using my extensive experience on Wikipedia to produce high-quality, encyclopedic Wikipedia articles.

I was Marketing Coordinator at Tellabs, a tech company specializing in Passive Optical LAN and broadband technology, from 2016 to 2018; in this role I controlled their e-mail and social media output, produced and copyedited blog posts, and copyedited news releases and case studies. I oversaw a 3x increase in impressions and a 5x increase in link clicks and engagements from 2016 to 2017.

Wikipedia Editing

I have 10+ years of broad-range editing experience, a strong knowledge of Wikipedia policy and procedure, and experience writing in a variety of topic areas. My work includes 60+ peer reviewed “good” and “featured” articles, three peer-reviewed articles that receive over a million views each year, and three paid articles for businesses confirmed through Articles for Creation.

I focus on white-hat, policy-compliant editing to ensure a maximum success rate in getting articles and content through Wikipedia’s bureaucracy.

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I can be contacted for business inquiries at dericcunningham@icloud.com.